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SEO Brand Strategy

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour, and brands are increasingly working towards hiring digital marketing specialists to stay up to speed in the online sphere. With that growing trend in mind, our ‘SEO Brand Strategy’ workshop has been carefully crafted to function as the definitive source for learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices with a strategy-based approach.


While in the past, creating a website was the ultimate step towards online reach; today, a business’s SEO brand strategy is just as important in the journey to build a reliable and respected brand online. Search engines promote business websites that have a solid brand authority, in addition to providing their site visitors with valuable information. Such sites earn better rankings with fewer links and do well in organic search results.


This workshop explains how brands should research and identify keywords to help optimize their content and provides a fundamental understanding on choosing suitable marketing channels. At the conclusion of this workshop, our clients will take away a fully completed SEO keyword research template that can be utilized in-house or passed on to outsourced consultants to aid in the best possible content creation.