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Intensive Positioning

A brand without a solid position will struggle to find its place within any industry. The true success of a brand lies in how well it promotes itself and secures customers—this requires the brand to have both an intense self-awareness and an understanding of its industry environment. The Intensive Positioning Workshop is a speedy, day-long seminar created to help brands in all phases of evolution gain a competitive lead based on the requirements of market success today. Working together, we reach a common agreement with your business team regarding your brand’s core, target consumer group, company promise, and brand characteristics and archetype.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to:

  • Know the Consumers Who Enjoy Your Product
  • Release Bad Former Positioning that No Longer Serves You
  • Record Your Strong Competitive Options
  • Confirm Your Distinctive Qualities
  • Define Who Cares About Your Product
  • Find a Market Structure of Reference

This workshop combines the five major components that motivate a customer to demand that a certain brand meets their requirements: availability, recognition, value, important distinction, and personal ties. BeLuxe believes that these points of importance and action are the leading incentives of customer brand loyalty and are crucial in helping your company become the leader in its field. Smart and strategic positioning helps a brand gain market share and stand out from its competitors, and that is exactly what the ‘Intensive Positioning’ workshop is all about. This detailed masterclass provides all the essential theoretical and practical knowledge required to strategically position your brand.