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Duuple Asia Launch

Duuple is an American challenge-based app that provides a fun platform for social innovators and organizations to empower each other and their communities, donate to causes, and advocate for issues that matter. Duuple requested BeLuxe to help with its market entry strategy into Asia, to ensure a smooth and successful regional launch.

For its brand strategy, we implemented a number of tactics and projects—including the creation of a two-month influencer campaign with Korean beauty brands, consisting of challenges between the influencer and their followers to increase both engagement and brand awareness.

For Duuple’s first major regional promotion, we planned a large launch party in Seoul featuring top influencers, brands, and key players. Our goal was to create a forum where guests could actively engage with the app in order to fulfill Duuple’s mission to motivate people to take action and give everyone an opportunity to become an agent of change. In addition to the complete organization and execution of the party, we ensured substantial press coverage of the event to draw further promotion to the brand and its goals and ideals.

Scope of Work:

-Brand Strategy

-Event Planning and Management