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Brand Strategy


If building a brand from the ground up or significantly restructuring an existing brand sounds like a huge task, then our ‘Brand Strategy’ workshop is the ideal solution. This workshop supports businesses in forming a structured and efficient plan to create an organized and effective brand by covering the three main aspects of branding strategy: ‘Core, Persona, and Positioning.’


Our brand strategy workshop includes a detailed exploration of not only these key aspects but their subsections as well, to help your team better understand each of these important concepts. Subsections covered in this workshop include:

  •  Brand Core
    1. Brand Purpose
    2. Brand Vision
    3. Brand Values
  • Brand Positioning
    1. Target Market
    2. Market Research
    3. Brand Awareness
  • Brand Persona
    1. Brand Personality & Archetypes
    2. Brand Voice
    3. Brand Tagline


This is an activity-style structured workshop, where all participants are given a ‘Brand Strategy Worksheet,’ which they are required to fill in at every step of the meeting. At the conclusion, participants are left with a well-structured and detailed write-up which allows them to better understand their brand. Through this workshop, we hope to ease the process of brand creation for our clients and make the journey as smooth as possible.