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Brand Archetype


The art of humanizing a brand and presenting its values, message, symbols, and behaviors as a persona results in a ‘Brand Archetype.’ Brand archetypes help in guiding and strengthening a brand’s story and message. Our ‘Brand Archetype’ workshop aims to help our clients identify and understand their respective brand archetypes.



This workshop touches upon Carl Jung’s concept of ‘Archetypes’ and features the 12 main brand archetypes and all of their traits and challenges. The 12 archetypes are segmented into four groups:


  • Explore Spirituality
  • Leave Legacy
  • Provide Structure
  • Pursue Connection


Using famous brands and personalities as examples, this session involves a variety of stimulating activities with the objective of solidifying our clients’ personal brand connection and their communication with their own brand identity. By the end of this workshop, we strive to help our clients find the perfect archetype for their brand.