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What our customers are saying

Working with BeLuxe has catapulted VSLB to the next stage of our business growth. Mona Lisa Hanson, who has an extensive expertise in luxury brand strategy and brand consulting identi ed the core foundation of our brand, helped us identify and strengthen our target persona pro les and built a whole brand strategy including archetypes for our business. Not only that, it was an amazing experience working with Mona Lisa the Founder and CEO of BeLuxe and her team. They have tailored the service and brand strategies to the current business stage and needs. Working with BeLuxe was truly empowering us as founders and our team.

Sarah Schmidt

I worked with BeLuxe on my updated website. It was a fantastic experience and really great to work with such professionals. I am super happy with the outcome and I would recommend their services!

Chef Hamish Neale

BeLuxe provided an excellent service to Look To Go Corporation. In an intense Workshop, we analyzed the current Business, and developed a clear vision, mission for our company by clearly redefining our values, goals, and strategies. BeLuxe also helped us in planning our in-house skincare brand strategy which is currently in the making. I can only recommend BeLuxe to anyone who needs professional step-by-step guidance in creating a brand with purpose.

Miyeon Schmidt